Hypertrust Solution

Advanced and Personalized Therapies start and end with the patient - Advanced Therapy Orchestration to master complexity

Compared to traditional medicines, the logistics of personalized medicine and advanced therapies are drastically more complex – requiring specific temperatures, rigorous quality standards and coordination.

Hypertrust X-Chain – the core to orchestrate Advanced and Personalized Therapies

As a cloud solution fully based on open standards Hypertrust X-Chain is leveraging state of the century technology to tackle emerging business challenges.

Real-time supply chain orchestration becomes possible through cross-company workflows based on Hypertrust’s patent-pending WorkChain engine.

This adaptable and flexible solution allows growth when and how you need it. From (pre-) clinical trials to fully scaled commercialization.

A wide range of Advanced and Personalized Therapies are covered through templates and pre-configured content. Thus, covering treatments of different personalization levels like allogenic or autologous therapies.

Hypertrust X-Chain covers key steps of Advanced and Personalized Therapies closed-loop supply and data chains. At the example of CAR-T treatments:

  1. Treatment Decision & Initiation
  2. Blood Apheresis
  3. Blood Logistics
  4. Product Manufacturing
  5. Finished Product Distribution
  6. Treatment Release & Administration
  7. Treatment Follow-up

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