End-to-end Advanced & Personalized Therapy Orchestration

Hypertrust provides Advanced and Personalized Therapies with a Supply Chain design and optimization platform to safeguard chain of identity and custody

Distributed meets highly secure: Real-time orchestration of personalized healthcare treatments across medical networks.

Advanced and Personalized Therapies are highly innovative therapeutic approaches in the field of patient centric medicine.
A safe and seamless interaction of the various supply chain participants is required to guard the chain of identity and custody and to optimize and automate the production process (e.g. with a Cell and Gene Therapy Orchestration Platform).


  • Proof Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody
  • Schedule and manage treatments
  • Achieve production planning and supply chain optimization
  • Collaborate with the medical eco-system
  • Secure, private and transparent where required
  • Fulfill standardization requirements of personalized healthcare

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