Webinar with Dell: Insights into the future of personalized medicine

The future of healthcare is digital, driven by emerging technologies and digitization as well as big data. Better patient outcomes and experiences will be driven by data and advanced connectivity.

This is exactly what our joint webinar with Dell Technologies deals with. Our Managing Director Andreas Göbel presents the Hypertrust Patient Data X-Chain for Personalized Medicine and explains its functionality and advantages.

Register now for the Webinar on July 15th, 2020, 4 pm CET:

Reference Implementation: Hypertrust Patient Data Care X-Chain for Personalized Medicine

Dr. Marten Neubauer, Healthcare Field Director at Dell Technologies, gives an insight into the numerous Dell Solutions in the healthcare sector. Dell Technologies offers your healthcare organization the most comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions for your healthcare digital transformation, allowing you to deliver innovative, secure and sustainable solutions in pharmaceuticals, diagnostic imaging, AI, medical image storage, digital pathology and telemedicine.

The supply chain optimization for personalized treatments, like e.g. cell & gene cancer treatments, can be operated fully decentralized on top of a blockchain network with the Hypertrust Patient Data X-Chain. Based on the just released reference implementation paper of Hypertrust Patient Data Care and Dell, there will be the possibility to discuss which benefits blockchain-based solutions can bring to the field of personalized healthcare – specifically to achieve a holistic chain of identity and custody and frictionless cross-company process integrations. Seamless integrations will be demonstrated based on SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Services and a variety of Dell Solutions.

We are looking forward to discussing with you!