Hypertrust Real World Data

Reliable capturing and tracing of Real World Data throughout a patient’s treatment with innovative medicines put PharmaCos in the lead to prove value

The conditions of treatment with innovative medicines in the real world may differ drastically from those in clinical trials. In the real world, there are lots of side effects (e.g. extent of indications, co-medication, etc) which need to be identified and managed to generate more relevant data throughout the patient’s treatment. Real World Data will enable a more individual and holistic treatment of the patient. The Hypertrust Real Word Data solution allows Real World Data to be captured and stored in a secure way, fully respecting the patient’s privacy.

The only parties that can identify the link between patients and their corresponding data are the responsible doctors and the other Healthcare Professionals (HCP) already involved in the current handling of patient-specific data. Once the data is captured, it is no longer possible to manipulate the original data. Blockchain and distributed encrypted storage technology ensure that the data remains credible and authentic from the outset.

Process Hypertrust Real World Data encompasses the end-to-end treatment process with innovative medicines

  1. Initiation of medication
  2. Titration and adaptation
  3. Continuous stable treatment
  4. Finalization of treatment with medicine
  5. Treatment follow up
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Benefits The Hypertrust Real World Data solution delivers multiple benefits to all stakeholders involved in treatment with innovative medicines


Empowered patients

Trustworthy data-sharing, deciding what data is shared and with whom. Gaining more information and advice regarding their specific condition.


Better treatment support

Identifying the best course of treatment and an improved understanding of the patient’s disease. Providing an end-to-end view of the patient’s health journey. Treatment dashboards and recommendations.


Improved drug development processes

Real world evidence analysis as well as safety and efficacy assessment. Understanding patient sub-groups, supporting personalized medicine. Providing mechanisms for improved recruitment for clinical trials.


Secure data transparency

Improved data integrity with a full audit trail for each record (raw data). Trustworthy health data extracts available and access for health researchers as well as authorities. Different access and data formats depending on stakeholder requirements. Data exchange without violation of privacy, increasing collaboration and benefits for all stakeholders.

Stakeholders Key participants across the end-to-end process


Features The Hypertrust Real World Data solution based on blockchain technology offers a wide range of special features

Technology Leveraging blockchain technology with Camelot Hypertrust Platform

Distributed meets authenticity & privacy

The Camelot Hypertrust Platform combines the most desired features of different qualified blockchains and blockchain-like technologies.

Depending on the requirements in terms of data integrity, communication channel confidentiality, user authenticity and service availability, it provides a best-of-breed solution stack.

By carefully balancing the pros and cons of data distribution, storage requirements and confidentiality (privacy) levels, for example, your products can be managed in the most appropriate way.


Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology has a major impact on the life sciences industry as it allows collection of data and transfer of information throughout the treatment of a patient in a secure and trusted manner, assuring the integrity of transactions through a consensus mechanism and read-only storage.

The Hypertrust Real World Data solution makes use of blockchain features in suitable areas such as auditability via immutable logs and selective data sharing with untrusted parties while still relying on traditional proven technologies like data bases and cloud computing in its core processes.


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