Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Gene Therapy Congress 2018 in Amsterdam

Team Hypertrust in Amsterdam: We were very happy to be part of the Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Gene Therapy Congress 2018. Three days full of news, facts and insights on that vital subject.  Our Managing Director Andreas contributed to the congress with his presentation “The need for decentralization in closed loop supply chain management”.

Here are some of our key take-aways the Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Gene Therapy Congress 2018:

  • The regenerative medicine sector is growing rapidly and has been raising a lot of investment (7.9 billion in 2018 H1). However, the current production processes for cell therapies can still be categorized as academic, manual, open & disconnected, significantly increasing errors and risks. Therefore, scale-up of cell therapy manufacturing is a complex challenge. Enabling technologies – such as automation, AI and blockchain – will be instrumental to facilitate manufacturing scale-up, supporting tasks such as workflow simplification, automation of unit operations and real-time analyses.
  • By reaping the benefits of enabling technologies, connectivity and producibility will be improved by removing manual paperwork entry and making the processes more hands-off. Ultimately, the costs and complexities of cell therapy processes will decrease and more of these innovative therapies will become available, leading to a significant increase in the amounts of patients that can be treated.

Hypertrust Patient Data Care provides the Hypertrust X-Chain solution to enable full orchestration of the closed-loop supply and distributed data chains of cell therapies, supporting all processes concerning cell therapy manufacturing during the clinical trial stage, commercial stage as well as commercial scale-up. Our solution combines automation and AI features with a blockchain base, offering a platform to coordinating and cooperate with the many decentral stakeholders involved in the process, while maintaining an immutable record of the Chain of Custody and Identity.