Hypertrust Mission

Patient data shall stay secure: Supply Chain Optimization without compromising on data privacy and confidentiality

Our mission: keep the flow of therapy-related information safe, efficient and transparent – through the power of innovative technology

Orchestration of the complete production lifecycle from (pre-) clinical trials to commercialization requires profound industry insights, substantial optimization and planning acumen as well as deep technical competence. Hypertrust brings all that together in one single solution.



  • Pharma and biotech experts with dedicated domain knowledge in Cell & Gene + Advanced Therapies
  • Pharma Supply Chain planning and optimization knowledge of 25+ years
  • Track-record applying latest technologies to solve emerging business problems
  • Resilient network in pharma, biotech and healthcare
  • Proudly made in EU with German workmanship



  • Healthcare data stays private and protected
  • Follows EU GDPR requirements
  • HPDC won’t collect data centrally, harvest or monetize it
  • Based on the European cloud infrastructure and principles – decentralized, open, transparent, secure
  • Adheres to industry standards for high quality
    • End-to-end pharma validated
    • FDA 21 CRF Part 11 compliant
    • GxP grade solution
    • ISBT-128 labeling compliance
  • Confidential computing innovation leader

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