London Calling: Hypertrust Patient Data Care Team goes CAR-TCR Summit 2020

The CAR-TCR Summit Europe will take place from February 24-27, 2020 in London. The event is dedicated to promote the delivery of safe, effective and commercially viable CAR and TCR immunotherapies for patients with liquid and solid tumours.

Hypertrust Patient Data Care is once more proud to be participant of this important industry gathering.

During these four days, the European community to tackle the technical bottlenecks limiting the translation, scale and delivery of CAR and TCR therapies to patients in need.

Meet our Hypertrust team and find out more how our unique Hypertrust X-Chain solution helps to make innovative cell therapies a safe reality for patients.

Hypertrust X-Chain enables full orchestration of the closed-loop supply and distributed data chains of cell therapies, supporting all processes concerning cell therapy manufacturing during the clinical trial stage, commercial stage as well as commercial scale-up. The solution combines automation and artificial intelligence features with a blockchain base, offering a platform to coordinate and cooperate with the many decentral stakeholders involved in the process, while maintaining an immutable record of the Chain of Custody and Identity.

Why not arrange a personal meeting with the Hypertrust Patient Data Care experts already today?

We look forward to seeing you in London!