Hypertrust Digital Health Excellence

Improving health through innovation

The rise of new digital technologies and tools in healthcare, such as mobile devices/apps, wearables, virtual assistants and artificial intelligence (AI), opens up revolutionary opportunities to develop, test and market new effective treatments. On the healthcare providers’ side, digital health technologies – telecare/telehealth, mhealth, ehealth – enable proactive and efficient healthcare delivery that provides prevention as well as safer and cost-effective care.

In practice however, pharma companies and healthcare providers still struggle when it comes to the question of which technology to apply for which use cases and business value? Hypertrust Patient Data Care helps pharma companies and healthcare providers leverage digital health technologies to create new, superior business value and achieve digital health excellence.



Digital EXPERIENCE2 Experience the ROI of Digital Health

With our unique Digital EXPERIENCE2 approach, we help you understand digital health technologies, develop individual use cases for your organization and provide a ‘touch & zoom’ experience of what the digital return on investment will look like. Uses might include clinical trials, wearables, lab sample data management and supply chain.

Digital EXPERIENCE2 is a complete package of various, pre-assembled software modules with easily configurable templates and coordinated methods for the development of digital innovations. Tried and tested team approaches for promoting innovation and agile, fast development methods provide specific results as proof of digital ROI in just a few weeks.


Benefits Digital Health Excellence delivers various benefits for PharmaCos and Healthcare Providers


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